I-Home Investments, the professional system to have a constant and stable annual income between 8% and 15%.

All-inclusive formula

From the search for the property, to the management of its tourist flow, a carefree and turnkey project.

Twenty years of experience

We are a team of experts gained throughout the real estate supply chain (from the design of buildings, to the renovation, to the sale, to the management of the set-up.

Markets & Opportunities

We operate exclusively in high yield markets, to guarantee you a safe and peaceful income


Venice, a market that has been growing for over 9 years

Venice is the destination of thousands of tourists who wish to visit a unique city in the world at any time of the year, to appreciate its history, art and natural beauty.

It is the city chosen and frequented by students from Italy and the world as a university site.

Venice is today among the top cities chosen for real estate investments worldwide because it responds to the needs of those who want to invest in a growing real estate market or in any case in a negligible decrease even with a worldwide pandemic that we are experiencing, in fact in December 2020 residential properties for sale were requested on average € 3,015 per square meter, with a decrease of 1.47% compared to December 2019 (€ 3,060 / m²).

The inside.airbnb web portal recently published a ranking relating to cities and neighborhoods where it is convenient to invest more in the solution of short-term rentals, taking into consideration the centers of Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, and Venice for Italy. (in strict alphabetical order). The AirBnb report obviously does not take into account the coronavirus emergency at a global level, with the heavy consequences on the tourism industry already reported by the Italian government.


I-Home Investments Formula

The formula designed for our investors has been specifically designed to save them as much time as possible without compromising on the quality of the services we offer and is composed as follows:

1. Search for the Property

We find for you sellers with properties targeting the type of your investment. We do all the checks on the property, both cadastral and visual, we make the purchase safe. We follow the sale until the deed.

2. Design

Our architects will study a project appropriate to the current state of the property, taking into account, in the internal distribution, the final destination. We will present the project to the Municipality in order to obtain the necessary permits. In addition, our Interior Designers will study modern and functional furnishings and fittings for the destination of the property and we will present you with photographic renders of the finished product.

3. Restructuring

Our building company, tested and reliable, will proceed with the necessary restructuring as planned, with the supervision of the architects, within the established times. We will produce a detailed income statement of all costs, tax deductions and calculate the ROI of the operation.

4.Furniture & Set-up

The agreed furniture and set-up are ordered and assembled on site, taking care of the details with a professional eye. The photographs will be produced with a professional photo shoot.

5. Property management

Your property, now that it is ready in all its aspects, will be managed by I-Home BnB with tourist rentals or with temporary rental or student rental (depending on the type of apartment). All the practical aspects of check-in, cleaning, bureaucratic aspects and tax aspects will be taken care of as per current legislation. We take care of everything!


Twenty years of 360° experience in the real estate sector

Thanks to the twenty-year experience gained in the entire real estate supply chain (from the design of buildings, to the renovation, from the sale to the management), the I-Home team is able to offer an all-inclusive formula that starts from the search for real estate, up to the sponsorship and management of its tourist flow.

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